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Terra Natura
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Terra Natura Murcia is a zoo and a water park located almost in the centre of Murcia, just 16 minutes by car away from our hotel and 32 minutes by public transport.

You can buy your tickets directly here.
Terra Natura
Enjoy the zoo whose main values are education, conservation and research of our animals. The zoo is divided into two different habitats: Africa and the Iberian Peninsula. You can get to know and learn about more than 50 different species that Terra Natura puts within your reach.
Terra Natura
Ready to experience great emotions? Aquanatura has attractions for all ages!
Even if you are not a thrill seeker, we have a VIP area where you can enjoy a quiet day of sunbathing or refreshing yourself with your favourite drink.
For the little ones we offer educational demonstrations, and we even have a mermaid school!